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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a regional transportation plan (RTP)?

An RTP defines the transportation plans for the region and transportation investments and the regional governments intend to make over the next 20-25 year. This is particularly true of projects built with federal funds. In simple terms it is intended to coordinate investments across jurisdictional lines for the benefit of the region and to ensure that the highest priority projects are built given the region’s financial means. It is developed by the regional metropolitan planning organization or MPO.


How often is the RTP updated?

The RTP is updated every 5 years. This update is called Blueprint 2040.


When will Blueprint 2040 be completed?

The draft FMPO RTP, Blueprint 2040, is expected to be released for public comment in June 2016. Final recommendation and adoption will take place in August 2016.


Is this for highways only?

No. Federal law, and the expectations of our residents, require us to plan for all modes of surface transportation: automobiles, transit, bicycles, pedestrian, and freight.


Who will choose the priority projects?

Ultimately, the governing bodies within the region will decide which projects to fund or present to voters for their approval. The RTP will provide local governments a comprehensive set of recommendations based on robust public dialogue and technical evaluations of project performance and cost.


How can I get involved in Blueprint 2040?

Continue to monitor this site for latest project developments.  Workshops and meetings will be hosted throughout this project to get your feedback and online questionnaires will be launched periodically to receive input. 


Is the RTP law?

Only when it comes to spending federal transportation dollars. Any transportation project built with federal funds must be first identified in the RTP. Regional governments might adopt the RTP by reference in their codes or ordinances or create similar documents for their own purposes that will have the effect of policy or law.


Who pays for the RTP?

You do, through the fuel tax you pay at the gas station. The FMPO receives some of these dollars to perform required regional planning functions. 


How are transportation projects paid for?

A variety of funding sources pay for regional transportation projects and services. Fuel taxes paid on the purchase of gasoline to the federal and state government fund many projects – most of them focused on regional maintenance. Recent sales taxes approved by city and county voters also pay for road repair, operations, and safety investments. Past sales tax initiatives, Transportation Decision 2000, and recently updated by NAIPTA the regional transit authority, pay for new roads and transit service.








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