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Agencies involved in transportation in Flagstaff


The Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization is the leader for coordinating regional transportation and land use planning. The MPO plans, coordinates and integrates activities to maintain a comprehensive, cooperative multi-agency transportation planning program for the Flagstaff region. The agency is responsible for the Regional Transportation Plan. Member jurisdictions include City of Flagstaff, Coconino County and the Arizona Department of Transportation.


David Wessel

FMPO Manager



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Coconino County’s Public Works Department provides professional, cost efficient and courteous service to the county residents and visitors.  The department works closely with the Board of Supervisors and county commissions to adequately maintain county roads and establish equitable partnerships with federal and state agencies and Native tribes for the maintenance of several key roads outside of immediate county jurisdiction.  The primary guidance documents are the Coconino County Comprehensive Plan, the Flagstaff Regional Plan and the FMPO Regional Transportation Plan.


Lucinda Andreani

Deputy Director



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Parking and Shuttle Services provides and supports parking, shuttle, bike, and pedestrian transit services. Our customer service offers students, staff, and visitors of the university information regarding accessible travel while on campus. Our partnerships with campus departments and other transit providers create a robust offering of options including car share, ride share and free “yellow bike” services.


Erin Stam

Director Parking and Shuttle Services

Northern Arizona University



City of Flagstaff's Engineering Section, with oversight provided by the Transportation Commission, City Administration and the City Council, is responsible for developing transportation project definition, implementing projects and managing the City’s Transportation Program on an on-going basis. The primary guidance documents are the Regional Land Use Plan and the FMPO Regional Transportation Plan.


Rick Barrett

City Engineer


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The Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority is the transit agency in northern Arizona operating the Mountain Line, Mountain Lift and Mountain Link systems in Flagstaff.

NAIPTA also coordinates with Campus Shuttle Service at Northern Arizona University. Established in 2001, NAIPTA has grown into a system that employs more than 75 people and transports nearly 2 million riders a year.


Erika Mazza

CEO/ General Manager




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ADOT’s role for transportation in the region is to improve Arizona’s highway system through expansion, preservation and modernization. In addition to this, ADOT partners with  local municipalities in the project administration of transportation related construction projects within municipalities boundaries.


Nathan Reisner

Northcentral District Development Engineer

928 779-7545

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