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Public Transportation in Flagstaff

Leave the driving to Flagstaff's premier public transportation system, Mountain Line. Operated by Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA), the system is comprised of eight routes, including a high frequency route which connects NAU to the community.  Mountain Line traverses Flagstaff and offers service to jobs, schools, health care, shopping, and entertainment areas. Route schedules provide easy connections to the Downtown and Mall Connection Centers, as well as in-route transfers throughout the entire system. The Mountain Line system is designed to get riders where they want to go, as easily and quickly as possible. 

NAIPTA also operates Mountain Lift,  a paratransit service for  people with disabilities who do not have the functional ability to ride fixed-route buses, either permanently or under certain conditions. 

Public Transportation Resources

Below are several public transportation resources to help make your travel by bus, that much more enjoyable:
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