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Resources for Employers

The workplace can have a huge influence on employee's travel habits. Workplaces can provide secure bicycle parking/storage, showers, telecommute/flexible hours, and a company car or bike to use for errands. If an employer promotes affordable travel options, it can help with employee retention and recruitment. By encouraging employees to form a vanpool, take transit, or walk/bike, workplaces can reduce the demand on parking and encourage healthy habits. In addition, employers can provide Commuter Tax Benefits. Employers save on payroll related taxes and employees save on federal income taxes.  


Below are several resources for employers and employees to make their daily commute more affordable and less stressful.  

Did you know?

When employers encourage other modes of transportation and provide transportation  demand management (TDM) measures, like showers, bike lockers, vanpool, telecommuting options, etc. there are huge benefits:

  • 30% less sick days and lower health care costs

  • 45% increased employee recruitment and retention

  • 15% reduced tardiness and absences

  • 30% increased employee productivity

  • 35% reduced employees stress levels

*Center for Urban Transportation Research: Employer Benchmarking Survey 2016

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