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Alternative Routes
Ann Arbor, MI
Ann Arbor, MI
Signal Priority with Bus Bypass Lane
BRT Station in Las Vegas, NV
BRT in Mixed Traffic
BRT Station in Boston, MA
Mountain Link Station Concept Plan and BRT in Mixed Traffic
Ft Collins Max
Center Running Bus Lanes Ft. Collins
BRT Station in Seattle, WA


Based on the study purpose and need, the project goals include:


  • Enhance: Making transit and multimodal mobility in Flagstaff more compelling

  • Connect: Connecting neighborhoods and activity centers, including the airport, and improve local mobility

  • Develop: Supporting livable communities and economic development goals

  • Thrive: Strengthening the downtown core and connections to key activity centers

  • Sustain: Planning for future growth and transportation investments that are sustainable and cost-effective












NAIPTA is currently conducting a study to identify, evaluate, and select transit improvements to connect key activity centers, reduce transit travel times, and improve transit ridership and operations.

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