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Alternative Routes
Ann Arbor, MI
Ann Arbor, MI
Signal Priority with Bus Bypass Lane
BRT Station in Las Vegas, NV
BRT in Mixed Traffic
BRT Station in Boston, MA
Mountain Link Station Concept Plan and BRT in Mixed Traffic
Ft Collins Max
Center Running Bus Lanes Ft. Collins
BRT Station in Seattle, WA

Previous plans envisioned a new cross-town bus route that provides faster and more convenient service with additional passenger amenities to attract new riders who might otherwise make the trip by car.  The proposed cross town route would serve as the “spine” of the regional transit system by connecting important activity centers, improving connections with other transit routes, and providing additional pedestrian and bicycle access.  


This enhanced transit service is called “bus rapid transit” or BRT by the Federal Transit Administration. Key elements of BRT service include the following. 


  • Branded buses

  • Enhanced stations with passenger amenities and real time bus arrival times

  • Frequent service – every 10 or 15 minutes

  • Limited number of stops, serving key activity centers

  • Enhanced street design to give buses a priority

  • Improved passenger boarding and access












NAIPTA is currently conducting a study to identify, evaluate, and select transit improvements to connect key activity centers, reduce transit travel times, and improve transit ridership and operations.

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