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MAP 25: Major Plan Amendment 

The purpose of this major amendment is to bring Map 25: Road Network Illustration (Map 25) in the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030 (FRP30)into compliance with Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 9-461.05 and to resolve inconsistencies between the Land Use and Transportation Chapters and other part of the City Code related to Map 25. These changes are being processed as a major plan amendment because they are related to the major amendment category of “Addition of a Corridor or Great Street” on page III-9.


This amendment will result in:

  • A Road Network Illustration that conforms to the legal requirements of Arizona Revised Statutes;

  • Improved consistency on language related to Map 25 within FRP30 and with other City Code and policies;

  • Improved ability to provide consistent direction to City projects and development applications;

  • Expansion of the Corridor Place Type in two areas within the City;

  • Improved ability to communicate with the public about land use and transportation issues pertaining to corridors; and

  • Improved ability to determine the fair and roughly proportional share of infrastructure costs.










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